Instagram will include direct message option in its web interface

As you know, Instagram has updated the dark mode and new restaurant accounts option in its mobile app.  Some news has revealed that Instagram has also updated the web interface.

 Instagram has added a direct messaging feature to the web interface.  Which allows people to chat from the web without an app.  By which users on desktop or laptop or Mac will be able to privately message their friends on Instagram through a non-Android or iPhone or mobile web browser.

 The feature was spotted by developer Jen Manchun Wong.  They have the reputation of leaking features even before the companies release them.  They have also been provided with an interface for the new DM-on-web feature.

 According to a screenshot posted on Twitter by developer Jen Manchun Wong, Instagram will be an interface on the web.  Which will look similar to Web Facebook Messenger.  And keeping in mind that Facebook owns Instagram.  So Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he would like to exchange messages on his platform.

 Although not sure if this is a good thing, there is not a consistent web-UI for messaging.  Adding this feature is definitely a good step on all Facebook platforms.

 Whenever Instagram will roll out this feature.  So it will undoubtedly prove very useful for users.  Especially for brands and influencers, because they have to reply to a lot of messages.  And it would be easy for them to do this on a PC with a keyboard.  And they will also take time.

 Instagram's web experience lags behind the Instagram app for quite some time.  And still can't post stories from desktop.  As can do with Facebook Stories.  Now let's see what the reaction of the people is after the arrival of this feature.