Instagram has finished its following tab (Stocking feature)

Instagram is going to close its following tab soon.  This tab is more known as the stocking feature.  This is a facility where we can easily get new accounts to follow.

 Instagram says that Explore has now taken its place in the tab where people can discover new people, places and other things through hashtags.

 For this reason, regular following tabs are now used by only a few people.  Perhaps this may have been the reason for closing the Instagram's following tabs.

 With the introduction of this explore tab, the following tab became almost useless, so many people stopped using it, many forgot it and some people are not aware of this feature.  This feature was the number one feature of Instagram, but regrets it is going to be a thing of the past.

 Many such stories have surfaced on Instagram where personal activities of people have come in front of unknown person just because that unknown person was following them.

 The following tab was quite dangerous for the transparency brought to our online lives.  For example, it is a place where "micro-cheating" activity is captured.  These tabs easily revealed activities.

 Like if you befriended someone and like and commented some posts with him, then on the basis of this, any other followers of yours will know the ID of your friend.

 The following tab was also known for cracking friendships and ending friendships.  In the case where no one replies to a friend's message and says "they were busy" while they are constantly active on Instagram and lying flatly.