Huawei नयी Full-Screen Bezel-Less Phone करेगा लॉन्च

Festive season is going on, so new smartphones will be launched everyday.  After the launch of Redmi 8K, it has been reported that Huawei is also going to launch its new smartphone on October 17.

 Huawei has sent an invitation to the French media that a new smartphone series will be launched on 17 October in France.

 You can see the invitation shared with the French media more thoroughly below, suggesting that the Chinese giants are launching a new phone with a full-screen bezel-less display.

 Huawei's invitation, shared with French media, was seen on Twitter, suggesting that the Chinese giant is about to launch a new phone with a full-screen bezel-less display.

 If we look closely at the photo of the phone teaser in the invite, we see a smartphone with almost negligible bezels and a glow that allows for a punch-hole camera on the top, right side.  But, JB Su, principal analyst at Atherton Research, says that Huawei will launch a phone with an in-display selfie camera at this event.

 We do not know much from the picture of this teaser, but we can expect Huawei to offer a waterfall display (similar to Mate 30 Pro but without notch).  The bezel can be trimmed at the edges with the speaker, sensor and camera below the display.

 We do not currently know the technology that Huawei is going to use to make the camera because it has never been publicly spoken about and shown to anyone.  What is this smartphone going to look like?  And how good will its selfie be?  Everyone is excited to see this.