Chemistry is not made of chemical, but spell-mascara at home by natural means


In this century, adulterers are almost entirely excluded from the prevalence of adulteration. Things are used as adulterant in thousands of toxic elements that damage your skin. Dermatology is the only major role in skin cancer. Natural products are no longer seen in the market, but all the artificial harmful things that are in the market are used in the merchandise. In this situation, many are risking home-made natural products. Mascara is a cosmetic that you can make at home. It can be made with very few things that are available at home. Below are some of the methods mentioned.

1. Coconut oil, molasses of jasmine oil:

The ingredients used are: Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, Shia butter, Bean, Djokba oil, Two or three activated charcoal capsules and two pots. The first four materials you have to take in a small container are equivalent. Take half a teaspoon of the same. Now pour a little water into a large container and put it in the fire. Then put the small bowl on the water. This mixture of small bowl will be mixed well. This time, in the mixture, activated charcoal, which will make the mixture darker. Finally, add the combosa oil to the mixture. Then pour a bottle and pour it in the bottle.

2. Aloe vera mascara:

In this case, everything needs to be used as before, except for the use of jozaba oil. Aloe Vera Gel and Shia Makhan have no work here. Aloe vera gel is available to buy in the market, but it is often mixed with the preservative, so without the preservatives to use the Aloe Vera, choose Aloe Vera Gel, which is pure pure from the aloe vera tree, which is absolutely pure. This time it is equivalent to the same amount, that is half a teaspoon of coconut oil, honey and Vitamin E oil mixed in three. Put the water in a large container and heat it so that the mixture melts. This time, mixing equal aloe vera gel and two activated charcoal capsules. When the mixture is cold, fill a bottle.

3. Lavender oil mascara:

Many people prefer the smell of lavender oil, so when different natural products are made at home, it is mixed with lavender oil. In case of mascara, lavender oil can be given instead of aloe vera gel. It is also important for coconut oil, honey and vitamin E oil. These three must be mixed in the same way with the same amount. Then put it in the big pot water and heat it with the activated charcoal capsule. The mixture is black and the fire pours out bottles. Mix it with lavender oil, the amount of half a teaspoon.

Mascara is actually so easy to make. But it is important to look at some things to make it. First of all, four skin bees have a bad effect on the skin. As a result, Mika powder can be used without using four cylinders. If you want to make other color mascara instead of black, choose apart from charcoal bentonite soil. The unicorn bentonite soil of the Malayan soil. Apart from this, two two-color bentonate soil is available in the market or any online store which can be used to make mascara. At the end, you need to say that the bottle of mascara will pour in the hot water before it to sterilize. So that there is no germ.

It is not difficult at all to create mascara, it will not be necessary to buy mascara like a brand name and buy from the shop.