Use sweet honey


Use sweet honey

Since ancient times, I have heard the sweet qualities of each and every one. Multi-role matching fair in different activities, including Rupsha Chacha, Health Quality, Hospitality. It contains many important components, including magnesium, phosphate, iron, calcium, glucose, potassium. Honey is of two types, honey of flowers and bees honey. Among the two types of bees, pure baked bees are more demanding. Today we will know about the use of sweet honey in silver.

Acne Removal
Honey contains anti-bacterial material that is very effective in solving acne problems in the mouth. Mix one teaspoon of honey and half teaspoon cinnamon together. Then apply this mixture to the place of acne with cottage or cotton, and after 10 minutes, wash it well. Along with acne, it also removes the red color of the face.

As a hair pack
Mix two parts of honey in one bowl and one part olive oil (other oil according to the convenience) and apply it properly on the upper surface of the hair and bottom. If you want, you can mix the egg white and onion juice in this pack. Keep the hair upward and bind up. After 30 minutes wash the shampoo thoroughly. Hair is sturdy, silky and bright.

For dry lip
A drunk pure honey is enough for rough and lifeless lips. Apply hinges on your lips or at least once a day with the help of index finger or cotton. After 10-15 minutes, remove the lip with soft warm water in cotton or soft cloth. If there is no discomfort, then there is no need to wash.

Facial mask
The beauty of the face is not liked by removing the bright spots in the sun, and it does not compare to it. It is very important to clean the dust that is coming out of the mouth regularly due to the outside. Regular use of the scabs found in the market can cause holes with varying skin disorders. So massage the table with a table spoon honey and one tablespoon oats in the domestic system. Then wash it with warm water. If you do not have oats at home, you can also use rice powder. This mask will clear the dead cells of your skin, remove the black head and skin will be as resonant as before.

The skin shines
One tablespoon of honey, one tea spoon and a little amount of lemon juice mixed with a face brush. Those who have allergic problems are better than not giving lemon. Wash after 20 minutes. Regular use of this mixture will brighten the skin, not only on the neck, neck, hands and legs. The amount of the mixture will increase. If you do not have any yogurt or other hand, then you can apply honey only on the skin. This is also less effective.

Little Tips-

(1) Use the quality brand honey, it will be better if you can take it faithfully.

(2) Bees can use honey of flower (which is not your allergic) if it is allergic to honeybees.

(3) Honey will work on the skin as well as if you can eat more. Every morning you can eat a little lemon with hot water and honey and lemon mixed with a spoon of honey or green tea. As the skin becomes beautiful, the belly fat reduces and will be released from many diseases and diseases.

(4) Honey should be kept clean and should not be kept in refrigerator.