Summer hair care Sonali Special

Summer hair care

With the skin of summer, the oil came with the idea of ​​oilchitchite. The hair starts to scratch, does not look neat. Their hair is oily, they have more problems. Due to sweating and dust, the hair gets stuck in the dirt faster, it also causes dandruff problems to anyone. And there is no sunny rain. The best way to keep the hair healthy and beautiful is to keep the hair clean.

No hair can be kept in dirt. Then there are many types of problems including hair fall, dandruff. There are many misconceptions about shampooing everyday. They think that hair will become rough. That's not right. Every day shampoo can not get rid of hair. As a result, most problems with hair will be reduced. But shampoo is the right rule. Shampoo can be found on the same place. So first pour shampoo in a small bowl. Mix well with water. After that, it is necessary to put oil in the form of hair from the beginning to the top. If you are busy, shampoo mixed with shampoo will be removed from the back hair. Then it will be thoroughly washed with water. Shampoo does not have too little hair. Many people use shampoo every day, but the hair does not dry well or oil becomes dry. For this reason, after cleaning the hair, the towels will be thoroughly removed. Some have wiped hair with a towel, that's not right. In it the hair becomes soft. Afterwards hair problems arise. You can dry your hair even if you have a table fan in the house. It seems that the associate professor of Dermatology and Disease Department of Dhaka Medical College. Masuda Khatun

When the hair is warmed in the hair, due to scratching of the hair at the base of the hair and hair is being soft, hair starts to soften. So this habit will be avoided.

Besides, it will be wise to avoid stress, anxiety, hot weather as far as possible, to reduce sweat problems. During the summer, tea, coffee, more snack food will also be avoided.

The hair will dry out without leaving wet hair. To get rid of hot clips or bands can strap the hair. Otherwise
The heat of the summer will sweat more. Reach the office once you reach the office or destination. Must be sure to keep the cake in the bag. Brush hair twice a day or three times. Leisure without even
Pillai will deliver the hands in the hair. The winds into it; Sweat will dry up.

A few packs of hair
You can use the following packs at home to keep the hair warm. It will brighten up and smooth your hair. To understand the hair, use the pack. Rupabisanist Afroza Parvin said about two domestic packs.

For rough hair: You can use a week to paste soup yogurt, honey and ripe bananas.

For oily hair: Make a pack by mixing yogurt with any seasonal fruit without art. Only fruit packs can be used again. Apart from using regular henapac, hair is shiny.
The real thing is, hair should be kept clean. If you need any Beauty Salon, you can have Hair Spa, Hair Protein Treatment.