Facial Beauty and Benefits Facial Beauty Tips

Facial Beauty and  Benefits Facial Beauty Tips
Facial Behavior and Benefits Facial Beauty Tips In Hindi For Glow - You may have done facials many times but many of you will be unaware of all its benefits. Crossing here we will know when and how to make facials, how and why. Facial massage is facial. It accelerates blood circulation. Facials have a healthy glow on the face. It gets rid of the filth in the stomach, and the face of the limb gets compressed. Facials also reduce physical and mental stress.

First of all, know that facials should be started after 25 years of age. It is very important to know about your skin before performing facialis. If there is a dry and inflamed skin, it is necessary twice a month, whereas if the skin is clean then facial is enough once in a month. Those who have grown up, they should have facials once a week.

Those who have acne on their mouth or are allergic, then facialis should not be used at that time. Apart from this, it can be done once or twice a month as needed.

Facials can also be done at home (Facial At Home). No need to go to the beauty parlor. For facials this material must be - cream, cleansing cream, facepack, ice, cotton, small towels, moisturizer, rose water.

This material will be facial only in half an hour. The way to do facials is given below -

1. First remove the hair from the face and tie it backwards.

2. Now clean the face by cleanser so that the skin of the toilet or dust of the skin is cleaned. The face can be washed with soap water. Cleaning the neck as well as face.

3. Use freshener on face and neck with the help of cotton-wool pad, which also clears the last part of the clinger.

4. Apply some kind of moisturizing cream on the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck, rubbing the whole face while doing massage from the neck upwards.

5. Now wash the face with clean and tiny water, wipe it with a clean towel and wipe it.

6. Now make a face pack according to your skin and apply it on the face and neck, but leave the eye and the soft spot around it. Cotton wool pad soak in Gulabajal and keep it on both eyes.

7. Now lie down silently without speaking. Keep packed for about 20-25 minutes.

8. Now after drying the face, if it is hot then wash with cold water and cold water.

9. Pour face and neck with towel and dry it and apply moisturizer.

Thus, the sitting-sitting facials will be there, as well as a good glow on the face will also come.

Precautions in Facials Precautions During Facial
1. Facials should be done with cold and clean water. In ordinary water there are many chemical elements like sulfur, causing damage to the outer layer of the skin and gradually the skin glows over.

2. It is important to take care of rhythm while performing facials. If there is no rhythm in facial, then the facializer will be tired. After facial, you will not get any relief and dark circles will appear under the eyes.

3. Facials should be in a quiet room and in low light.

4. It is necessary to have a certain temperature.

5. At the time of facial, loose clothes or gowns should be worn and lying should be the posture of comfort.

6. While performing facials, it should be taken care of that the room is not too hot, because the natural oil of the skin that gets facialized by getting more hot hands starts coming out. This puts more pressure on the skin and the skin gets dry.

7. Facials are packed after massage, if enough glow then dry vegetables and fruits should be packed.

8. There are many types of facials today. It depends on your skin, which facials you take.

9. While massage, massage the shoulders to the upper part of the arms, which is called tension out stroke.

10. Massage on feet with facials makes the effect twice, because the veins of the legs are attached to your entire body.

11. Doing unnecessary meat on the face by making different steps on the face is also less.

12. Facials must be taken once in 20 days. If the age is small then take the cleaning.

13. Do not massage too much on teen skin